WLace-protectorear-out of laces is not an insolvable problem, because they are buyable and replaceable very easily. And if you compare these prices with the value of a locomotive, the laces made of cotton or silk are 'very cheap'. With more deeply evaluations on long-term bases, additional economic solutions are possible.


An extra advantage of such a protector can be additionally a helpful kind by protecting the corset-fabric against wear-off in that area where the laces run. Due to both positive effects, the main-benefit can not be located precisely to one of the advantages



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Foto: Sabine Zieseniss



The lace-protector fulfills 2 functions. On one hand the laces slide over the polished metall-parts, which prevent at longer terms the wear-out of the laces. On the other hand the metall-parts protect the fabric-surface against the laces. Not only in case of high-quality brocades this protec- tion is an enourmous advantage. In addition it facilitates self-lacing, because the friction is substantially decreased.


The two metall-parts are fixed in the corset by the eyes that are anyway existing within this range. There are no additional holes necessary.

The lace-protector/fabric-surface-protector in its shown form is available since the beginning of 2005 and has found numerous proponents since that time.