Many may hope, that the physiological bodyalteration can be permanent without wearing a corset. Unfurtunately this is a hope in vain. A  permanence of the desired silhouette without the corset is unrealizable.

Maybe it is possible to get a certain degree of „continuance“ in achieving the slimmer body-contour that has been reached with a huge of efforts. First you need to talk about the efforts to achieve a reduction in the waist by tightlacing and moreover transforming the entire phisical appearance.

In a figural sense, one may consider this as an attempt to set up a complexe system of equations and to solve it. It consists  numerous variables, thus as the age, body-type and body-mass-index, as well as the dedication to a consistent diet, level of physical fitness and the specific habits of the tightlacing regimen, but also the personal attitude to the corset and the daily efforts to be laced very tight every day. But who is able to set up such a system of equations and who is able to solve it.

Time has shown, that approximate solutions will only lead to „persistence“ of the personal goal of tightlacing and this factor of „persistence“ ist the amount of reduction from the natural starting waist-size.

Unfortunately there is a small negative effect, that means the corset recontours and holds the shape and when out of the corset there is a ‚snap-back‘ effect, where the body will try to spring back to ist unsupported starting-position. How much or little the snap-back will be is dependent on all these factors. But generally the more completely the waist is trained and the longer the corset was worn, the less the snap-back will occur.

This snap-back effect causes in the tendency of the internal organs, lower rips, and compressed abdominal muscles that want to migrate back to their original places. What remains is the degree of persistence and unfortunately this effect never stops. The snap-back increases slowly but continously







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