Vinyl-corset 'Pandora' Stem-waist  

Vinyl-corset 'Pandora' Stem-waist (Details)















Both pictures are showing the Vinyl-Corset 'Pandora' in a modified S-line design as a stem-waist-corset with cups und a cylindrical (stem) waist of approx. 7 cm ( 2 ¾ inches) width.

© Foto-Copyright Alexander Walz/

Sabine Zieseniss


The corset is designed without a front-closure system. It will be closed and laced in the rear site only. The normally implemented front-closure-busk with hooks and eyes and the standard planchette are replaced by an extra stiff special planchette, which covers the area between bust and abdomen.


The total outfit is completed by additional accessories as lower arm cuffs, a shoulder harness, a bonnet and shoulder-straps. Of course, it is possible to wear this corset also without such accessories, as demonstrated with the left picture.

A modification of this design is possible. It can be manufactured with standard front-closure-busk and the standard planchette. Also the use of other materials as leather, silk or satin is possible, replacing the glossy vinyl.


The positions of the 36 integrated spiral spring-steel stays are preliminarily effected by the cut- and line-shape. To avoid any pressure-points, especially at the hips, the positions of the stays are carefully adjusted to the given body-shape of the customer.

Both pictures are showing our client 'Lacie' with her corset 'Pandora', with and without the accessories.