Semi-body Corsetdress 'mini' (Backview)Semi-body Corsetdress 'mini'

This thigh-length corset-dress is made of glossy black vinyl and includes stylistic elements of a conventional corset, but it has no front-busk-fastener and is not laced in the traditional way, neither at the front nor at the rear site. The dress will be closed and shaped at the same time by multiple buckles in the rear.

The silhouette is accentuated by ¾-push-up-cups, which are helping to create much more prominence to a small or medium sized bosom

Some eyes are integrated in the outer seams, but not only for decoration. Moreover they can be used for versatile purposes

Cotton-lining is integrated and fixed onto the seams, which ensures to keep the corset-dress in form and shape, even for a long period of usage.

Alternatively, the 'Mini'-dress can be designed and manufactured of leather or cotton-satin also.


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