victorian corset 'Crystal' The representation shows the halfbust-corset 'Crystal' in the victorian style, which is an original-replica in accordance to cut, line-shape and stay-guidance. Deviating from the original this corset is equipped with an under-planchette to increase the wearing-comfort.




Victorian corset 'Crystal'


















Sabine Zieseniss








The arrangement of the stays has its concentration in the corset-front using 18 stays, which are divided in a 3 by 3 arrangement at the chest and brought together again at the lower corset-edge. A stronger pair of stays takes care for the desired support at the waist, while 6 (2x3) straight stays as well as a pair of stays around the lacing-eyes are used in the back.

For the decoration-layer and the inner layer pure silk is used, while the main-layer is from conventional twill.