Long Leather-S-Line-Corset  'Emotion' (Longline-corset)The presented Longline S-Curve-Corset, 'Emotion' is designed in a modified form of the 'Empire-style' and made of a smooth black lambs-leather.

It shows characteristic details, but modified to the classic S-Line-Style in the length of the rear side and equipped with cups and shoulder-straps.


In consideration for the arcs of the lower rips sufficient space for the upper torso is available to allow easy breathing and it offers the possibility to lace the waist tighter at the same time. Implemented classic gussets at the hip create an excellent hip-waist ratio.


The silhouette of this corset does not result in the use of special formed steel or extra heavy boning, but preliminarily it is the result of cut- and line-shape and also the pattern-design.


All comments to the wearing-comfort are positive.


With the picture you see the corset 'Emotion' in combination with a floor-length black skirt as a formal evening-gown, presented first time at the 16.Ball 'Les Gracieuses Modern' at Neuss (Germany)







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