Halfbust-corset (original from 1890)

Original approx. 1890


The shown Halfbust-corset is a replica of a survived original corset, which was designed and manufactured around 1890.


Halfbust-corset 'Heather' - Replica







Halfbust-corset 'Heather' - SideviewThe tunnels for the stiffeners are decorated at right and left side with brown piping strips and are positioned identical with the original corset.

As usual in the 1890's, the original corset had been designed for whalebone stiffeners. Whalebone stiffeners are nowadays not any more available, so they were replaced by metal-rods and implemented into the replica accordingly. With this obliged modification the wearing-character of this new replica-corset changed a little bit to a more restrictive one versus the original corset and can be recommended for experienced corset-enthusiasts only.

Additionally and as Extras for improved comfort, a planchett underneath the front busk and according to modern expectations, a waist-band are integrated.

The decoration with laces at the top-edge is a little bit more delicate and refined than with the original. However, it is to be stated that the type of laces, used with the replica, have here a symbolic character only. What kind of laces are to be used, depends finally on the ideas and taste of the client.


Victorian corset 'Heather'


Photo: Gerd Schäfer