Whereas the term 'development' and 'creativity' is associated generally with the objective to create new product-ideas or to realize product-improvements in details into existing products, a step into the opposite direction may happen in the field of historical corsets. Modern technique opens the advantage to reproduce cut and line shape of historical models and so I can follow the demand to adjust a historical model in shape and size to the expected individual product. In this case, creative ideas for modern fashion design get less important versus the historical correctness.   Aquarell1

Aquarell2Creative ideas are asked much more, if the customer wants to use a historical model as a basic idea, to follow the trend of the actual fashion and to adapt it to the fashion-feeling of today. Specifically in this case it is necessary to follow this creative way, if the historical corset-model is to be integrated into a given stile of the complete wardrobe and not been worn as an insulated garment.


In both cases, the customer’s objectives present me all day sufficient challenges to offer solutions and their realization in corset-design, expanding on one hand my knowledge of 'know-how' and on the other hand gives me that kind of work the variations in activities and satisfaction in results, which are in my opinion absolute necessary for a successful fashion-designer.





Aquarell3I see an important and essential part of my daily work in the transformation of customer’s presented individual ideas into realization - very often far away from the usual corset-standard - but with the demands to fulfil the objectives of the projected application.

The given requirements in this field are mostly very complex, so an individual consultation is generally necessary as part of all design activities













'Across the centuries'

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