According to your taken and submitted measurements, or the measurements taken by me during a consultation and the chosen corset-type, a preliminary corset (mock-up-corset), made of twill will be designed and manufactured. With a consultation, the fit of this corset will be proofed and - if necessary - adjustments will be done. Additionally the details for the final design, like type of fabrics or embroidery, will be discussed and decided. With this procedure the customer can be sure that the final product is precisely according to his wishes and expectations - and any further adjustments can be avoided. In case of an additional order - and under the basic condition the customer's body-shape hasn't changed dramatically, a new preliminary corset (mock-up-corset) will not be necessary. So he will get an adequate credit automatically.

A fee of 125 € for costs and expenses will be charged for a pre-corset. Here I'm to state expressively: With the payment of the fee - without an order for the final product - it doesn't include any claim on the mock-up or the cut. That means: All rights on and for the product remains with me.