Rococo-corset (demi-balleine)The replica of a historical corset, shown with the picture at right hand side, is designed as a semi-stiff one. The sewing-lines and the positioning of the stiffening-rods are at the front side as well as at the rear side identical to the historic original corset. In addition, the way and type of manufacturing follow the know-how-standard of the model, made in the period of Rococo

Differing from the original model, the replica is designed for three more or less stiff inside-layers and the stiffening rods are made of flat spring-steel. The formerly used whalebone-rods are not anymore available.

The design had been created originally at the end of the Rococo-period. Therefore, the wearing-comfort versus formerly designed stays was improved.

With some modification to modern expectations, such type of stays is still up-to-date, or better again, on focus. In combination with an adequate dress, it can be recommended for official events. No wonder, the corset is very often asked for a wedding-gown.

PS. I like to be fair to critical historians. The a.m. picture contains two errors of correct fashion timing:
1. The collar is part of the fashion in the period "late
Renaissance" and not Rococo.
2. Painting onto silk was not jet developed.

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